Course Resources - What are we Building?

What we're Building

First of all, clone the project source code from GitHub. You will want to follow along with the code throughout this lesson.

The app itself is designed to showcase a variety of features that tie together Ionic and Firebase. We are primarily targeting native iOS and Android platforms, but most features work as PWAs also.

Get the Android Beta Release 

Get the Web app

Get the iOS version... Apple does not like developer demos on the app store. We will still target iOS, but sadly I can't share a good demo with you. 


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Getting Help

Ionic4 is a brand new framework that will help you immensely, but native apps are not easy and you will definitely run into hard-to-debug issues. One feature might work on Android, but crash on iOS, and vice-versa. Fortunately, I have hit many of these issues myself and can hopefully guide you in the right direction. Join the Angular Firebase Developers Slack Team and send me a direct message or post it in the #ionic or #general channel. I check into Slack seven days per week.

Stay Updated

I'm always working on cool new projects - follow me on Github and Twitter and YouTube to stay in the loop.