What we're Building

We're building an Angular frontend that communicates with a Firebase backend to deliver a full-stack foundation for Stripe payments. Here's a quick breakdown of it's core features.

  • Firebase User Auth with Stripe Customer Registration
  • Payment Source Validation via Stripe Elements
  • Process Charges and Save Payment Sources
  • Create and Manage Recurring Subscription Payments
  • Stripe Connect Onboarding (If you plan on building marketplace like Shopify, Lyft, Kickstarter, etc.)

Make sure to play with the Live Demo to get a feel for what we're building. It's deployed in test mode, so feel free to send payments with Stripe's test cards.

What if I get Stuck or Lost?

This is NOT a trivial app - payment systems are one of the most challenging features to implement. Join the Angular Firebase Developers Slack Team and send me a direct message or post it in the #stripe channel. I check into Slack seven days per week.

Stay in the Loop

I'm always working on an exciting new projects - follow me on Github and Twitter and YouTube for updates.