Cloud Functions Master Course

Build a Serverless Event-Driven Backend

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This course takes a hands-on approach to Firebase Cloud Functions where we build seven different microservices, each demonstrating a fundamental concept of the platform. Here's a quick summary of the topics you will learn.

  • Serverless Computing Basics
  • HTTP and ExpressJS
  • Event-driven Background Functions
  • Firestore Functions
  • Storage Buckets and the Functions Filesystem
  • Working with Google APIs
  • Callable Functions and Authentication
  • Working with 3rd party APIs like Twilio to send SMS Text messages

By the end of this course you will have the foundation necessary to build virtually any backend feature into your Firebase app.

This Project is for Developers who...

  • are building a mobile or web app with Firebase
  • want to learn how to build backend features in a serverless NodeJS backend
  • want direct access to the content creator (let's chat on Slack).
  • have at least some experience with JavaScript and programming fundamentals

Experience Level Required

The course is fast-paced and content-rich, but most of the subject matter is suitable for developers with beginner JavaScript skills. It is expected that you're already familiar with Firebase because Cloud Functions are a way to extend the platform.

Brand New to Firebase?

If you've never used Firebase, start by working with the frontend SDKs before attempting Cloud Functions. The video below is a great way to get started:

Your Host

Jeff Delaney
Jeff Delaney

I am a Google Developer Expert who enjoys pushing the limits of web technology. Since 2012, I have been working with businesses and startups to build full-stack apps with Angular, Firebase, and many other exciting APIs.

Course Curriculum

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